Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Gonna Be a HOOT!

I've been busy getting the finishing touches done in our classroom and I'm happy to report that it's juuuuust about there!   I'm always doing something -- rearranging this, tweaking that!  I'm pretty sure most teachers have about five Plan B's. 

Just a reminder that our first day of school is September 4.  Our bell rings at 7:50 a.m. and students should be in the classroom ready to go!  There will not be any breakfast or lunch served on day one, so be sure to grab some grub on your way out the door!  Remember to bring a good, healthy snack!  We will dismiss from the gymnasium and as part of our school policy, parents need to stay up by the office until children are released.  It's all about safety and organization!  If your child has any special needs or concerns, please let me know ahead of time what they are -- it's never a good thing to learn about an allergy after the fact. 

Our first couple weeks of first grade are dedicated to learning the ropes and adjusting to being in a new classroom with a new teacher and new rules and expectations.  It is a time to be very patient and to ask a lot of questions!  :)  I'm always available....and I'm even more available to chat if you bring coffee and/or chocolate.  Good luck first grade parents!  It's going to be a HOOT of a good year!


  1. Owls, coffee and chocolate... yay, easy teacher to please!! :)

  2. I have to say Lela is so excited for first grade and I love this blog!!! It's so good to see a teacher who is excited just as much as the kids!

  3. I think the blog is a great idea too. Sounds like you are ready for another year of school :)

  4. Thank you Ladies! YES...I am ready!