Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Phew! What a RUSH!

We had our first day of school today and boy was it awesome!  Each one of my 26 students came filing into their classroom, found their seats and happily shared exciting stories together.  I saw cameras going off, parents giving quick reassuring hugs to new students and teachers helping others get into the right rooms.  It is a busy, busy day on opening day of school!  There is so much excitement and so much happening!  I just read recently that it would be nice to see that much excitement for EVERY day of school!  Can you imagine taking a picture of your child for every day of school?  There's a project for someone out there!  But, seriously the message is not lost on me.  If we can instill the love for school and the respect for education into our children now and forever, they will be that much better off in the long run.  I firmly believe that 100%!  And that love and respect for school and learning doesn't just happen at home -- it happens at school, too.  I hope that each and every day I leave my students with the feeling that I love being here for them and that school excites me.  It's the truth!! 

So how did your children do on the first day?  They were awesome!  It was a long morning of listening and sitting and they pulled it off like pros!  Please remember to pack HEALTHY snacks -- we actually had a Twinkie make it past my classroom door today. I showed it the door again....  :)  If snacks are forgotten, I do have some pretzels and things in my closet that I happily share. 

Also, if your child has any ALLERGY, now would be a great time to let me know.  Especially food allergies! 

Thank you for having your child to school today!  I am looking forward to many more good days to come!


  1. Way to go Mrs. Polaski!!! Those kids are so lucky to have you!!!

  2. Toby told me "no Twinkies for snacks mom" and I didn't know why:-) Now I do!