Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's a Heat Wave!

Flashes of the Wicked Witch of the West flood through my brain during hot weeks like this, and I just keep repeating, "I'm melting!  I'm meeeeltiing!"  It's just too hot!  I look at the weather report every morning hoping for a cool down, but it hasn't come yet...hopefully tomorrow.  In the meantime, we will continue to melt away and push full force through our day! 

The new first grade students have been doing very well considering the heat -- they get a little squirrely at times, but it's to be expected.  I'm happy with how things are going so far -- moving through the first week or two (or three!) of school always keeps  me nervous.  I want to move into "the work" but I also want to make sure they have "the rules."  Today, we moved on and did some work in Reading -- reviewed the sounds for short /a/ and /b/.  We added the word my to our word wall and practiced writing it on our white boards.  We have started our daily calendar routine -- parents might be surprised to see all that first graders will know with calendar by the end of the year -- it's not just about names of days and counting!  I found a very cool calendar routine on Pinterest and made one for my own room.  Here is the one I copied from: 
So onward and upward we move!  I'm looking forward to cooler weather where students aren't melting into their seats and walking across the classroom doesn't cause me to breakout in a flop sweat.  :)

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  1. COOL calendar!! I love it!!! Maybe your COOL calendar will help you stay COOL. Sorry about the heat. Nothing worse than flop sweat. :