Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Rocked the VOTE!

This week in first grade we have been talking about today's big election and I expressed to my students how important it is to go out and vote.  The electricity in the air today was magnificent -- they were all so excited!  It was the first thing they asked me about when they walked in the classroom:  "Do we get to vote now?"   We discussed that being able to vote is not something every person around the world has the right to do, but we here in America do and should exercise that right.  The girls in the class were all completely confused when I told them that women did not always have the right to vote and for some reason we had to fight and argue in order to receive that right.  So today each student in my classroom checked off the box for who they thought should be our President.  We took a look at PBSkids.org yesterday and read up on some facts about each candidate and today they made a choice.  Tomorrow we will see if their choice matched up to the rest of America's.
We also wrote today about what we would do if we were President.  Here is a sample:

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  1. Toby loved it! He woke up this morning excited about getting to school to see who won!!!!!!!!